The University of Alabama Languages Conference is an annual conference organized by the graduate students of The University of Alabama’s Department of Modern Languages & Classics, in collaboration with graduate students from the College of Education.

Organizing Committee

Committee Chairs

Rachael Reilly (Conference Chair)

William Justin Morgan (Program Chair)

Sarah Steele (Communications Chair)

Ann-Sophie Röhm (Financial Chair)

Stacey Jacobson (IT Chair)

Sandra Martínez (Recruitment Chair)

Caleb Kelley (Registration Chair)

Boden Robertson (Hospitality Chair)

Garrison Pugh (Food & Beverage Chair)

Barbara Minter (Logistics Chair)

Committee Members



Dr. Doug Lightfoot (Faculty Advisor)

Dr. Michael Picone (Faculty Advisor)

Dr. Ana Corbalán (Faculty Advisor)

Hannah Brown (Student Advisor)