The Ferguson Student Center, The University of Alabama


8:00am-9:00am – Anderson Room (3rd Floor)

Breakfast and Registration



Session 5: Sociolinguistics & Language Contact

Room 3107

Session Chair: Dr. Erin O’Rourke, The University of Alabama

Spanish and English in Contact and Morpheme Acquisition

Daniel Smith, Clemson University

Sociopragmatic Variation of the Discourse Marker a ver in Madrid and Alcalá de Henares Spanish

Caleb H. Kelley, The University of Alabama

“It’s all about the [syllable]”: Positing Rules for Song Translation

Stacey M. Jacobson, The University of Alabama

The Devil’s in the Details – A Sociolinguistic Explanation of Failed Integration of National and Rebel Forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Amber Crawford, University of Texas at San Antonio


Session 6: “In language, we find ourselves…”

Room 3108

Session Chair: Dr. Bryan Koronkiewicz, The University of Alabama

Bilingual Identities: University Students’ Perspectives toward National and Foreign Languages

Madison Densmore, The University of Mississippi

The Role of Language and Identity in Cataluña

Savannah Renberg, Troy University

The Bi/Multilingual Identity of Jagiellonian University Students

Maria J. Para, Syracuse University

An Analysis of the Bilingualism in Quebec (QB), Canada

Edouard d’Espalungue d’Arros, Louisiana State University


10:45am-11:00am – Anderson Room

Snacks and Refreshments



Session 7: The Function of Identity in Narrative

Room 3107

Session Chair: Dr. Ignacio Rodeño, The University of Alabama

Power of Language in Fire in the Flint (1924): A Comparative Study

José Rojas, Louisiana State University

Buenos Aires as Inspiration for Borgesian Labyrinths: Revisiting the Man Behind the Author

Hannah Arrington, University of Mississippi

Literature at the Crossroads of Postcolonial Identity and Trauma: “Millibars de l’Orage” by Aimé Césaire

Julia Gorham, University of South Dakota

Analysis of race and identity issues in Down These Mean Streets by Piri Thomas

Karen Ortega, University of Georgia


Session 8: Exploring Brazilian Identity in Media, Translation, and Literature

Room 3108

Session Chair: Jana M. Thomas Coffman, ABD, The University of Alabama

History to understand Brazil, analyzing the novel Os Fios da Memória by Adriana Lisboa

Lunara Gonçalves, University of Georgia

The Sexuality in the narrative of Aqueles Dois, written by Caio Fernando Abreu

Vera Bulla, University of Georgia

Translation of Cordel into the American Southern English: dialectal correspondences to preserve regionalism in literary work translated

Daniel Ferreira da Silva, University of Georgia



Lunch (on your own)



Session 9: The Persistence and Permutations of Historical Identity

Room 3107

Session Chair: Giovanni Zimotti, ABD, The University of Alabama

From the Thule Society to the Marvel Universe: The Representation of Nazi Occultism in Captain America: The First Avenger

Sabine Waas, The University of Alabama

Menstruation Messages: Contemporary Discourses Surrounding Female Experience

Cristiana Shipma McFarland, Auburn University

Motherhood through the Ages: The Development of Linguistic Terms Related to Maternity, Childbearing, and Child-Rearing in Modern Proto-Indoeuropean Descendants

Jana M. Thomas Coffman, The University of Alabama


Session 10: The Role of Student Identity in the Multilingual Classroom

Room 3108

Session Chair: William Justin Morgan, ABD, The University of Alabama

Bridging Discourse Communities through Genre-based Writing Pedagogy in Multilingual Settings

Irina Pidberejna and Katherine Russell, The University of Alabama

The Grammar Ladder: Student Agency, Choice, and Differentiated Instruction in the World Language Classroom

Hannah Sullivan, The University of Alabama

Saying No: Refusal Strategies of Native Arabic Speakers and Native English Speakers

Emily Pickle, The University of Alabama


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