Breakfast/Registration – Foyer

8:00 AM – 8:45 AM

Session 1

8:45 AM – 10:45 AM


Session 1-01 – Corpus Linguistics and Language in Use

Location: Gayle/Bagby                       Chair: Dr. Robert Poole

Discerning Nuances among “quick/fast/swift/rapid” and “quickly/fast/swiftly/rapidly” Using COCA – Jian Gao, The University of Alabama

Rocking the Boat: Reddit as a Corpus for Spoken Language – Kyle Vanderniet, University of Georgia


Session 1-02 – English as a Second Language

Location: Moore                                 Chair: Dr. Dilin Liu

Breaking Linguistic and Communicative Barriers in an ESL Classroom through Nonverbal Communication – Chibuzo Nwoko, AitamaSuleUniversity, Kano, Nigeria

The Lexical Approach in Language Teaching: Results of Lexicogrammatical Teaching Experiments in Germany and Belgium – Michaela Nuesser, RWTH Aachen University / The University of Alabama

University Students’ English Language Learning Strategies and their Academic Disciplines – Ahmad Nazari, Ph.D., Director of Language Centre at HBKU

Using T.E.L.L. to Facilitate Discourse: How Marco Polo Could Enhance a Speaking and Listening Focused Curriculum – Emory G. Price, The University of Alabama


Session 1-03 – Language Pedagogy

Location: Murphy                               Chair: Dr. Bedrettin Yazan

The ePortfolio: Self-efficacy and Student Motivation – Chris Broussard, Julien Frament & Grant Thomas, University of Kentucky

The Effects of Attitudes Towards Pedagogical Interventions: Evidence from a Mindfulness-based Study in SLA – William Justin Morgan, Doctoral Candidate, TheUniversity of Alabama

Assessing Language Performance or Proficiency? What Is the Difference? – Dieter Waldvogel, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham / AATSP

The Role of Qualitative Research in Second Language Acquisition: A Comparison Across Top-tier SLA Journals – William Boden Robertson, The University of Alabama


 Session 1-04 – Feminine Agency and Social Hierarchy in 16th and 17th Century Literature

Location: Fitzpatrick                           Chair: Dr. Xabier Granja

“She Who Does Not Speak, Does Not Sin”: Silencing Female Voices in 16th Century Italian Literature – Alyssa Falcone, Ph.D., The University of Alabama

Agencia femenina en el mundo cervantino – Barbara Minter, The University of Alabama

Problematización de la agencia femenina en las Novelas ejemplaresde Cervantes – Garrison Pugh, The University of Alabama

El nuevo mundo en los Comentarios Reales: Una lectura Bakhtiniana – Ivano Fulgaro, The University of Alabama


AM Coffee Break – Foyer

Time: 10:45 AM – 11:00 AM


Session 2

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Session 2-01 – Identity and Discourse

Location: Gayle/Bagby                       Chair: Dr. Catherine Davies

The Discourse Marker dƐin Ivorian Popular French – Adama Drabo, Ph.D., University of Bayreuth

Ahm, este, uh, um: Conversational Discourse Markers in a Bilingual – Elizabeth Naranjo Hayes, The University of Alabama

Niche Memes: Young Adults’ Performative Identity on Instagram – Caitlin Burns, TheUniversity of Alabama

Session 2-02 – Phonetics and Phonology

Location: Moore                                 Chair: Dr. Erin O’Rourke

The Acoustic Correlates of Kawaiisu Stress – Patrick Thomas, University of Central Arkansas

The Deletion of /-ɾ/ at Word-Final in Colombian Caribbean Spanish – Kristi Lacour, Louisiana State University

It’s All Just Spanish, ¿verdad?: A Dialectal Speech Style Comparison of Vowels in Mexican Spanish – Sarah Frisbie Steele, MAEd, The University of Alabama


Session 2-03 – Language for Specific Purposes

Location: Murphy                               Chair: Dr. Laura Rubio

Adapting Curricular Activities for Spanish Hybrid Courses: Business and Finance – Jamile Forcelini& Estrella Rodriguez, Ph.D., Florida State University

Heritage Spanish Learners in Mixed Business and Finance Hybrid Courses – Estrella Rodriguez, Ph.D., Florida State University

Unfamiliar Genre Project to Diversify Pre-service Teachers’ Multilingual Writing Pedagogies – Emily Durham, Emory G. Price, Mollie Gattman, The University of Alabama


Session 2-04 – Between Self and Other: Identity, Space, and Postcoloniality in Césaire, Hemingway, Nunez, Schwarz-Bart, and Woolf

Location: Fitzpatrick                           Chair: Dr. Claudia Romanelli

“The world dropped into shape”: The Transformational Function of Non-European Spaces in ​​The Voyage Outa​​nd ​​Orlando– Morgan Beers, The University of Alabama

A Rose is a Rose to the Literate: Manufactured Marginality and Identity Production in ForWhom the Bell Tollsand The Sun Also RisesDaniel Heslep, The University of Alabama

Creolization, Hybridity, and Loss in Césaire’s ​​Une Tempête– Hope McNamee, The University of Alabama

Revision and Hybridity in Elizabeth Nunez’​​Even in Paradise– Emily Pucker, MS, MA, The University of Alabama

Redeeming Past and Place: Telumee Miracle and Caribbean Identity in The Bridge of Beyond– Rachael Reilly, The University of Alabama



Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Session 3

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 PM


Session 3-01– Discourse and Sociolinguistics

Location: Gayle/Bagby                       Chair: Dr. Stephanie Shelton

The Tropes of Mental Illness: A Corpus Study on the Development of “Neurotic” and “Psychotic” – Jessica Pacitto, The University of Alabama

Gender Differences in Text Messaging: Critical Discourse Analysis – Hatim Masoudi

Belligeren[ce], Discrimination, or Incident: A Syntactic and PsychometricAnalysis of United Flight 3411 News Coverage – Stacey Jacobson, Doctoral Candidate, The University of Alabama


Session 3-02 – Balancing the Sexes: Gender, Sexuality, and Trauma

Location: Moore                                 Chair: Dr. Gina Stamm

The Tormented Body Softens: Trauma and Lesbian Representation in Ingmar Bergman’s“The Silence” and “Cries and Whispers” – Jess Bennett, Middle Tennessee State University

Gender, Sexuality and Aging in Cécile Périn’s poetry – Liana Babayan, Ph.D., Augusta University

A Balancing Act: Balancing the Sexes in “A Double Standard” by Frances E.W. Harper – Stephanie Balmori, Spring Hill College


Session 3-03 – Perceptions of Linguistic Elements

Location: Murphy                               Chair: Dr. Alicia Cipria

O Brother Where Art Thy Twang? An Analysis of Southern Speech on Film – Katy Dwyer, University of Georgia

German Perceptions and Acceptability of American Accents in L2 German Speech – Collin Smith, University of Kentucky

Co-constructing Intimacy through the Use of Address Forms – Giovani López and Sandra Martínez, Doctoral Candidates, The University of Alabama

Testing the Theory of Contrast: L1 Judgments Between Phonological Neighbors – Catanya Stager, Doctoral Candidate, The University of Alabama


Session 3-04 – Identity and Agency in Contemporary Literature

Location: Fitzpatrick                           Chair: Dr. Micah McKay

The Formation of Identity by Narrative in Richard Wright’s Native Son– Jonathan Anders, B.A., The University of Alabama

Can the “Negerkind” Speak? Agency, Othering, and Tolerance in Toxi(1952) and Familie Braun(2016) – Brittany Groves, TheUniversity of Alabama

“How Does it Feel to be a Problem?”: Double Consciousness and Identity Formation in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go– Jordan Figueredo, M.A., Tulane University


PM Coffee Break – Foyer

Time: 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM


Keynote Address: Manuel Díaz-Campos, Ph.D.

Time: 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Location: Gayle/Bagby

“A sociolinguistic analysis of two phonological variables in Puerto Rican Spanish​”

Manuel Díaz-Campos is Professor of Hispanic Sociolinguistics at Indiana University Bloomington. His research interests include first and second language phonological variation and sociolinguistic variables contributing to dialectal variations in Spanish. He is the editor of The Handbook of Hispanic Sociolinguisticsand the author of Introducción a la Sociolingüística Hispánica.



Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Home of Dr. Michael Picone