2017 Conference Schedule

Friday, February 17th: Hotel Capstone



Continental Breakfast


Welcome – Murphy/Gayle


Session 1: Building the Story: The Role of Narration and Perspective

Room: Bagby

Ivonne Ayala, The University of Alabama: Comparison of Poetic Language: Adrienne Rich and Charles Bukowski

Julia Coursey, The University of Alabama: A Story of One’s Own: Narrative Resistance in J.M. Coetzee’s Life & Times of Michael K.

Bernhard Beringer, The University of Alabama: Thor in Mythology and Germany until 1945

Saleh Alharthi, University of Memphis: Theorizing Gender, Ethnic and Race Identities with Saudi Women in the U.S.

Session Chair: Dr. Metka Zupancic

Session 2: Channels of Language Acquisition

Room: Murphy/Gayle

Maira Liliana Ramirez Cortés, Secretaria de Educación de Bogotá: Fostering Conflict Resolution Skills through Collaborative Oral Tasks in the EFL classroom

Lindsey Sanchez, The University of Alabama:  It’s not ‘it’s not’, it’s ‘it isn’t’….isn’t it?: Negatives, Contractions and ESL textbooks

Kent Schafer, The University of Alabama: Cascading Effects of Language inside UA: a Deaf Lens

Issa Bldiar, Pleasant View School Linguistic Program, The University of Memphis: Communicative Competence: Teaching Objectives and Realities of Acquisition

Session Chair: Dr. Claudia Romanelli

Session 3: Global Language Use

Room: Fitz

Honorine Ntoh Yuh, The University of Alabama: Language Use in the Media: CNN versus Fox News Coverage of Immigration to the United States

Alecia Davis, Louisiana State University: Language Use on Radio Canada

Dr. Krishnaveer Abishek Challa, Andhra University, and Naga Sai Vijayshri Upadhyayula, GITAM University: Linguistic Distance & International Trade: A Study of SAARC Region

Raeann Ritland, Iowa State University: Providing quality health care in increasingly multilingual societies: A review of empirical research

Session Chair: Dr. Paul Renigar


Coffee/Snack Break


Session 4: Feminist Voices in Contemporary Quebecois Literature

Room: Bagby

Paula Renzi-Callaghan, The University of Alabama: La cicatrice indélébile dans Tout comme elle de Louise Dupré

Robin Turner, The University of Alabama: La manipulation temporelle de la réalité extra-littéraire dans Une belle éducation de France Théoret et Ru de Kim Thúy

Meaghan Coogan, The University of Alabama: Le renaissance ou l’abîme : les perspectives apparemment divergentes d’immigration

Jennifer Lorentz, The University of Alabama: L’étouffement de la féminité et de la sexualité dans Une belle éducation de France Théoret

Session Chair: Dr. Carmen Mayer

Session 5: The Impact of Knowledge, Ideas, and Experiences on Identity Formation in Language Education: A Discussion of Current Research and Future Directions

Room: Murphy/Gayle

Behzad Mansouri, The University of Alabama: Exploring Agency, Positioning, and Identity of Non-Native English Language Teachers

Mingda Sun, The University of Alabama: An Investigation into English as a Second Language Learners’ Learning Strategies

Hao Wang, Zhejiang International Studies University: International Teaching Assistants’ Professional Identity Development at a US University: A Multiple Case Study Perspective

Yan Zhao, The University of Alabama: The Influence of Study-Abroad Experience on Identities of Chinese College English Teachers

Session Chair: Dr. Miguel Mantero

Session 6: Corpus-based Approaches to English Linguistics

Room: Fitz

Irina Pidberejna, The University of Alabama: Corpus Linguistic Study: A Phrase Usage Analysis on “to make” versus “to take” decisions

Katherine Russell, The University of Alabama: Corpus Research Project: Frequency of Trends of -ly Adverbs between 1970 and 2009

Ashley Montgomery, The University of Alabama: Corpus Research, French Words Found in English

Sam Lingard, The University of Alabama: Corpus-Based Research on Second Person Plural Pronoun Usage in American English

Session Chair: Dr. Erin O’Rourke


Lunch – Governors Room


Session 7: Teaching Latino Literature in the Secondary Classroom

Room: Bagby

Kelley Kema, The University of Alabama at Birmingham: Teaching Latino Literature: The “Wh- Questions”

Dilka Biondo, The University of Alabama at Birmingham: Enseñando Literatura en la Clase de Español

Elizabeth Lanham, The University of Alabama at Birmingham: The Educational Benefits and Challenges Discovered through Tandem

Dr. John Maddox, The University of Alabama at Birmingham: Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa’s Daughters of the Stone: Mourning Mother Africa

Session Chair: Dr. John Maddox

Session 8: American Sign Language: Opportunities for Inclusion and Diversity

Room: Murphy/Gayle

Delphanie Wu, The University of Alabama: UA as a HOME for ASL

Kent Schafer, The University of Alabama: Deaf Learner: Autonomy and Resiliency, Not Education. Why?

Katherine Anderson, The University of Alabama: Interpretation in ASL: Direct versus Mediated Instruction

Dr. Darrin Griffin, The University of Alabama: Using ASL First: Can Teachers of Deaf Children Establish L1 Proficiency to Improve Learning?

Session Chair: Jana Thomas-Coffman

Session 9: Multilingualism in the Modern Global Community

Room: Fitz

Michael Iannozzi, Western University: Michif : A New Language for A New People

Ahmed Alahamdi, University of Memphis: The Role of Phonological Loop on Word-recalling by Arabic Native Speakers

Mohammad Aljutaily, University of Georgia: Length of residency in a language contact setting and its influence on the degree of sound variation in speech community

Dr. Kevin Martillo Viner, Bronx Community College CUNY: Second-Generation NYC Bilinguals’ Use of the Spanish Subjunctive in Obligatory Contexts

Session Chair: Dr. Catherine Davies


Coffee/Snack Break



Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rubén Gallo, Princeton University

Havana in Transition


Meet and Greet with Dr. Rubén Gallo



Day 1 Reception


Saturday, February 18th: Bryant Conference Center


Continental Breakfast – Sellers Lobby


Session 10: Cabeza de Vaca, Martí, García y Cabrera Infante: Aproximaciones Autobiográficas

Room: Mason

Manuel Martín, The University of Alabama: La universalización del presidio cubano a través de los ojos de José Martí

Miguel Herranz Cano, The University of Alabama: Guillermo Cabrera Infante: La autobiografía como arma de deconstrucción del género autobiográfico

Barbara Minter, The University of Alabama: La esencia de la memoria: Veracidad y ficcionalidad en los Naufragios de Cabeza de Vaca

Rachael Albury, The University of Alabama: Memoria, hibridez, y Dreaming in Cuban: cómo Pilar Puente se hace cubana-americana

Discussant: Dr. Ignacio Rodeño 

Session 11: Language Education and the Globalized Student

Room: Birmingham

Alyssia Miller, The University of Alabama: Achievement Goal Theory and Second Language Acquisition: What Goals Do Students Set?

Sara Finney, The University of Alabama: Embodied global simulations: An instructional model for a post-modern era

Dr. Saad Bushaala, The University of Alabama: Utilizing Students’ Funds Of Knowledge for Making Assessment and Instructional Decisions

Dr. Doug Thomas, University of Central Missouri, and Jana Thomas-Coffman, The University of Alabama: School Choice Movement: Implications for Language Programs and Educators

Session Chair: Dr. Bryan Koronkiewicz

Session 12: Language and Identity

Room: Mobile

Dr. Paul Renigar, The University of Alabama, and Dr. Linda Waugh, The University of Arizona: Teaching Critical Discourse Analysis in an Intermediate Italian Course through Emergent Technologies

Catherine Benavides Buitrago, Secretaria de Educación de Bogotá: EFL Students’ Social Identities Construction Through Gender-Based Short Stories

Corinne Van Ryckeghem, The University of Alabama: Maya Tz’utujil: Using Facebook to Build Identity and Revitalize Language

Session Chair: Claudia Martínez


Coffee/Snack Break – Sellers Lobby


Session 13: Una perspectiva evolutiva de la literatura hispánica

Room: Mason

Dr. Alicia de Gregorio, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater: La infancia en Flor de Mayo de Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

Henry Tarco Carrera, The University of Alabama: Sara la espantapájaros y el nuevo cine indigenista ecuatoriano del siglo XXI

Kelley Yarber, The University of Alabama: Ojo por ojo: la ley moral de Lazarillo de Tormes

Dr. Yasmina Vallejos, Pittsburg State University: La memoria y el elemento femenino en Amuleto (1999) por Roberto Bolaño

Session Chair: Dr. Marie-Eve Monette

Session 14: Elements in the Modern Language Classroom

Room: Birmingham

Caitlin E. Samples, Baylor University: The Spanish Subjunctive Made Simple: Strategies for Teaching Mood

Michelle Fulwider-Westall, Wake County Technical Community College: “Transform the Classroom – Teach Verb Conjugation WITHOUT a Grammar Lecture”

Sabine Waas and Diane Beer, The University of Alabama: The Story-Based Approach in German K-12 & Higher Education Classrooms

Lisa Steiner, The University of Alabama: Intercultural Communicative Competence and How to Promote It in the Foreign Language Classroom

Session Chair: Dr. Regina Range

Session 15: Contextualizing the L2

Room: Mobile

Giovanni Zimotti and William Justin Morgan, The University of Alabama: Structural Components, Significance to Second Language Acquisition, and Categorization of Study Abroad: Transforming the Experience from a Student Perspective

Jing Zhou, Defense Language Institute: Autonomous Learning and Classroom Application

Alejandro Rodriguez de Jesús, Purdue University: Understanding Second Language Acquisition through Culture Awareness: Culture Calls for Culture

Shuyi Yang, University of Iowa: Second Language Acquisition of Chinese Classifiers “Gen” and “Tiao” under Implicit, Incidental, Enhanced, and Instructed Conditions

Session Chair: Dr. Alicia Cipria


Lunch – Rast Room (First Floor)


Session 16: The Timeless Search for Identity through Language

Room: Mason

Nabat Erdogan, University of Missouri – Kansas City: Folkloristic Feminist Perspectives in “The Book of Dede Gorgud”: An Analysis of Three Female Characters and Their Anthroponyms

Cindy Jones, The University of Alabama: “Language As Inspiration: How Civil Rights Heroines Have Enriched Feminist Language and Created Lasting Legacies”

Joanna Merkel, Concordia University of Edmonton: “Orality and Creole Voices from Guadeloupe in Post WWII France: Maryse Condé and Tales from the Heart”

Casey Waites, The University of Alabama: Translating Language as Identity in Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls

Session Chair: Dr. Sarah Moody

Session 17: From Language Policies to Classroom Pedagogies: Five Cases of Language Policy and Planning

Room: Birmingham

Amanda Giles, The University of Alabama: An Intertextuality Analysis of Language Policy in the ELPA-21 Consortium of States

Ufuk Keles, The University of Alabama: A Comparative Content Analysis of Language Policy at a State University in Turkey

Sandra Martinez, The University of Alabama: Implicit Language Policies in the Spanish as a Foreign Language Classroom

Giovani Lopez, The University of Alabama: Forms of Address in the Spanish as a Foreign Language Classroom: Is vos an ignored form?

Session Chair: Dr. Bedrettin Yazan

Session 18: From Past to Present

Room: Mobile

Dr. Sukenari Hino, Fukuoka Jo-Gakuin University: Historical Change of nagara

Jana Thomas-Coffman, The University of Alabama: The Rise and Fall of So, Do, Esto, and Vo

Robin Turner, The University of Alabama: The Evolution of the Periphrastic Future and Subjunctive Irrealis in Romance

Andrew Word, The University of Alabama: The Effects of Language Contact and Discrimination on Team-based Tasks in Online Gaming

Session Chair: Dr. Doug Lightfoot


Coffee/Snack Break – Sellers Lobby


Rast Room

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Bill VanPatten, Michigan State University

What Has Happened to Second Language Acquisition?


Meet and Greet with Dr. Bill VanPatten


Banquet at Hotel Capstone



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