The University of Alabama Languages Conference is an annual conference organized by the graduate students of The University of Alabama’s Department of Modern Languages & Classics, in collaboration with the graduate students of the Department of English and the TESOL program.

Stacey Jacobson (Conference Chair)

Caleb Kelley (Program Chair)

Claudia Martínez (Communications Chair)

Thomas Matthew Watson (IT Chair)

Linda Manthei (Recruitment Chair)

Claudia Martínez and Linda Manthei (Registration Chair)

Jana Thomas Coffman (Hospitality Chair)

Boden Robertson (Entertainment Chair)

Committee Members: Miranda Hartley, Justin Morgan, Adina Pascalau, Jacob Reed, Paula Renzi-Callaghan, Catanya Stager, Stephanie Summers, Henry Tarco Carrera

Alyssia Miller (Student Advisor/Conference Chair Emerita)